Lagen, Palawan

Palawan is our go-to place for team building. I have been to Palawan 4 times since 2012 – Pangulasian, Sabang, Apulit, in that order, and recently Lagen early part of 2022.

Coming from the pandemic, this was a welcome change – the first major travel we had as a company after a long time.

What’s unique this time around is that this was done in a travel bubble, meaning the same group we traveled with on the plane is the same group we stayed with at the resort.

Palawan never loses its charm. It might be a different island this time but as always, one never fails to get treated with spectacular views. It never gets old. One could always put this at the top of their list of the best places on earth for a great R&R.

You will never run out of activities to do. There’s kayaking, snorkeling, island-hopping, caving (show cave), cliff-diving, and many more.

As always, we were pampered with the best accommodation and good food.

Another good thing is that we always make room for our corporate social responsibility (CSR), our way of giving back to the earth. This year we did a beach cleanup in partnership with Ocean Conservancy.

They even have an app called Clean Swell, where you can start a cleanup and monitor your progress.

Afterwards we had our lunch at the picturesque Entalula.

Surely we had the best time. We look forward to more travels and adventures.

We were the third batch who went to the island and we called our group the ElNido3Plus. Shown here are the many opportunities we were able to exhibit our company’s core values.

Thank you to the following:

El Nido Resorts
Ocean Conservancy

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