More Life Happens Here


My friends and I embarked on yet another random, spur-of-the-moment food trip, to celebrate the weekend and some milestone. This is what happens when: 1. it’s payday, 2. people crave for cheese pops and, 3. one generous person willing to have freeloaders onboard.

The much craved-for cheese pops

I love the food that they serve here. It’s delicious. It’s filling. Heck, even colourful! And you would almost certanly find something that’s infused with dairy and its derivatives, like cheese, cream, butter, etc. And just so you know, I LOVE cheese, I LOVE dairy! So that’s saying a lot 🙂


The price is relatively affordable compared to others, and they even have perks and promos that entice you to try out their food and indulge. Case in point – unlimited nachos. You would think it impractical spending four or five times the price of nachos when all you really want are nachos. But it does the trick somehow, and from a business point of view, that’s all that really matters, does it not?


December last year, they raffled off USB’s, watches, calculators, and an iPad. I won a USB.

Isn’t that cool? You know, these types of gestures, no matter how small, sometimes make a huge difference.

We tried the P999 promo which, if my accounting is correct, includes 1 appetizer and 2 of their main courses. This comes with unlimited nachos and cheese pops as add-on. For the appetizer we tried the calamari. And for the main courses – cilantro pesto with shrimp pasta and the Monterey chicken wrapped in bacon with cilantro rice.




I never thought cilantro would work wonderfully as a pasta dish. In fact, this is becoming one of my favorites. And then there’s the Monterey chicken wrapped in bacon. I mean, who doesn’t like bacon? Unless you’re a vegan or someone who, for some religious or health reasons, could not eat pork, I don’t think anyone could refute the fact that bacon belongs to the topmost levels of delicious.

Having said that, should you need to get your “umami” fix, come to this place. With good food and good company, what more could one ask for? It really is a place where you can celebrate friendships, special occassions and good company. A place to celebrate life!

Discovering the Metro | SM Mega Fashion Hall

I have not been to Mega Mall for a long time and I was surprised to find that the area which used to be the parking lot in front of building A is now building D, otherwise known as the Mega Fashion Hall, an upscale property from SM that’s opened early part of this year. This is of course where the high end stores are located. A chance visit led me to the area. I have a lunch scheduled later in one of its restaurants.

Mega Fashion Hall’s Olympic-sized skating rink


It’s huge, and it’s got amenities like bowling alley and skating rink. I’m not sure though if the bowling alley and skating rink from the other building(s) still exist, or if these new ones were built to replace them. There’s also an extension of the Trade Hall and an IMAX. The Otaku Expo is being held that day and so there were lots of cosplayers outside the Trade Hall in their colorful, interesting costumes (and hairstyles).


Things are definitely changing in this area, and they are changing fast. Buildings seem taller and you could find them in just about every corner. The mall has a modern, sleek design. It incorporates natural light and so the abundance of skylights everywhere, which is kind of cool. You know I’m all for sustainable, environment-friendly architecture and design. I think we need more of those. In fact, we need to make that the new standard for all structures, moving forward.



As mentioned earlier, I am scheduled to have lunch in one of the recently-opened dining establishments here and the idea is that we will be eating like crazy, like nobody cares, because this is going to be a buffet lunch. We would be devouring the buffet table. We would be eating like hungry Vikings of old who toiled building ships, crossing oceans and finding new lands. Well, at least that’s the idea.







Unfortunately for me, I was nursing a toothache so I couldn’t be in my A game. Even so, I still managed to eat some steak and lechon, albeit painstakingly so, chewing meat slowly and being careful not to have the hard pieces touch the aching tooth. Talk about bad timing, huh? I hope I am physically better able to take on the challenge the next time I come here.