A Day at the Museum | The National Museum

Finally got the chance to visit the National Museum. I’ve been wanting to visit for the longest time but couldn’t seem to get to doing it on my own. There is something in the whole prospect that I find intimidating. Luckily, my friends, who have been thinking of going themselves, invited me to join. Needless to say, I was happy to oblige. I guess that is the only nudge I needed to finally make that jump.

I don’t pretend to be someone who is adept with the arts but I feel like I needed to appreciate it, especially living in a country that has identity issues and where culture and the arts often take a back seat. The arts department suffers lack of funding and a general lack of interest from the public. We, the people, have become so caught up with the daily routines of our pathetic lives. We’ve grown accustomed to the commercialism around us. I feel it a responsibility (as it should for each and every one of us), to develop a renewed appreciation for the arts, especially in a world getting more and more superficial and self-centric, with work and the pursuit of money taking the priority above everything else. We live our day-to-day lives kissing a**, some going as far as trumping values in exchange for power and wealth. We become beholden to people who are only driven by profit, making us mechanical droids who do their bidding. To all these, we need some reprieve. We need some diversion to bring us back and make some sense of our humanity, or what’s left of it.

How else can we appreciate art if we don’t see it face-to-face? I’m glad that I did. There is so much to learn and to be amazed about with our arts and culture, and the development of certain art forms. Imagine, for example, how creative and ingenious our forefathers were back in those days when the closest thing they could get to photographs and selfies are paintings and portraits using the basic and organic of art materials. Ah, the power of the human mind.

Such is the appeal of the Spoliarium, for example, Juan Luna’s masterpiece which rightfully takes center stage in the museum’s collections. It would be hard not to take notice and pay homage to as this is the largest and most imposing piece of artwork in this hall – the Session Hall of the Old House of Representatives. Collectively, everything that is housed under the Old Legislative building is called the National Art Gallery.



Aside from the Spoliarium, this hall also has works of other artists like Guillermo Tolentino and Felix Hidalgo.


Luis I. Ablaza Hall

Religious Art from the 17th to the 19th centuries






Academic and Romantic Art



La Barca de Aqueronte, by Félix Resurrección Hidalgo


Homage to Dr. José Rizal


Mother’s Revenge, by Dr. José P. Rizal

Silvina & Juan C. Laya Hall



The Battle of Manila, 1945

Security Bank Hall

Works of Guillermo E. Tolentino



The Old Senate Session Hall, where the works of Jacques Ferrier (scale models of his designs and projects) are currently  on display.




Political and Social Commentary after the 1970s



Selected Modern Works


Introduction of the First Christian Image by Carlos “Botong” Francisco

Philam Life Hall

Pillars of Philippine Modernism – Vicente S. Manansala




Pillars of Philippine Modernism – Victorio C. Edades


Philippine Abstraction from the 1960s to 1980s








There are also temporary exhibits such as that of national artist BenCab (Benedicto Cabrera) entitled BenCab: Appropriated Souls, which focuses on Sabel and his Larawan series.






There is so much art to be appreciated at the National Museum, we barely had enough time to see all of them. We had to cut our visit short as we have been feeling famished already after four hours of exploring the halls, and it’s way past lunch time. But just to give you an idea how huge and extensive the artworks are in here, the museum even has an annex (or a component) right across the street, the former Finance building, also known as the Museum of the Filipino people, which houses the anthropology and archaeology divisions. Another exciting and interesting visit for sure. For now, we can just dispel any negative thoughts and ideas about our country not having a strong culture, or that it is sub-par compared to others (whatever that means). My take away from this is that our culture is only as strong as the people who appreciate and practice it.

SKY Alive! 2016 – Favorites Made Real

I received an invitation to attend the Sky Alive Cable fair which was held last March 12-13 at the SMX Convention Center, in celebration of Sky Cable’s 25 years in the business. The theme was “Your Favorites Made Real”, hence, Sky Alive.

And alive they did, with all of our favorite shows represented with their own booths, each having fun activities in store for everyone.

Upon entrance, one would immediately notice this huge LED screen at the center.

Inside are smaller tv screens all around and this colorful electronic pattern on the floor.

I navigated my way on a counter-clockwise direction, starting with the RTL-CBS booth just to the right of the entrance.


I was made to dress a suit and pose in front of the camera as if winning either the SAG or the Golden Globe. I chose the Globe. While waiting for the photo to be printed which takes about 5 minutes to process, one can while away the time watching shows in their big screen while having some popcorn and juice for free.


Some of the other booths present were:


One could have their photos taken riding the cab






Jack TV


Jeepney TV


History Channel (home of VIKINGS). You can have your photo taken in a mock Viking vessel.

The HERO booth has cosplayers representing some of the famous characters of the show. Can you identify any of them? I couldn’t 😛


A mock CNN newsroom, where one can try their hand at being a news anchor.

I liked Discovery Channel’s photo activity and game. You can have your photo taken in ‘outer space’ in the Discovery Science section and/or in the middle of a ‘forest’ riding a boat in the river in the Animal Planet section. You can also play the game of how well you know your Discovery Channel stars by choosing three items they have with them all the time in their survival adventures and challenges. I chose Bear Grylls. Apparently, I don’t know him that well since I only got one correct answer out of the three (sucks!). At least, I get to have some consolation prize 😛

So, after having your photo taken, you can upload them on Instagram and hashtag with either #DiscoveryScienceSkyAlive or #AnimalPlanetSkyAlive depending on the theme the photo was taken. Note that the IG profile should be set to public first. Once the photos were uploaded, wait for them to be printed from this interesting thingamajig called Instaroid. Two of my photos were printed straight from my Instagram account, just like polaroid. Amazing!




National Geographic

Live Curious

Local shows also represented such as this teleserye –  Ang Probinsyano.


MasterChef ASIA on Lifetime




There’s a performance from Juan Karlos Labajo in the MYX booth. He sang Ed Sheeran’s ‘Photograph’.

Also present are some of the MYX VJ’s such as VJ Tippy, VJ Alex and VJ Sarah. And, embarrassing as it may sound, I was all stalker mode with the celebrities, haha! I was clicking away like a paparazzi 😀

And of course, cosplayers of all shapes and sizes are present everywhere.

There are still other booths unfortunately I wasn’t able to take picture of. But I have slideshow of this cute character from ANIMAX – oo-Kun, for the kids and kids at heart. Enjoy! 😀

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