Baguio City, Cordillera Administrative Region

I realized I still have photos on my phone from my Baguio trip last year I have not uploaded and blogged about yet. So here it is.

The day after attending the wedding, we had our breakfast at Arca’s Yard, just a few steps from The Potenciana Avenue, where we were staying.

It was a hearty breakfast of scrambled eggs and toasts, pansit (or rice noodles), sweet potato pie.

And, of course, a warm cup of chocolate – perfect for the cool Baguio weather.

Not only is one treated with good food here. Even more remarkable from our vantage point was the stunning view of the Cordilleras.

Regarding the Potenciana, I would describe it as an art gallery, a cafe, an events place, an accommodation; all rolled into one. It was also the location of the wedding rites and reception.

It is sad to say that a few months after the wedding, the owner of the place (whom I’ve only known by the name of Ms. Ninj) passed away. I hope the Potenciana remains a welcoming and cozy place I’ve experienced it to be, in my short stay there, if not better.

Now, this isn’t something you see every day – a fireplace! Not in the tropical, lowland Philippines, you don’t.

We went to Mt. Kalugong Eco Park the following day, and boy, what a trek it was. Talk about an uphill climb.

Going there was a challenge, what with the winding and steep incline of the road and the considerable hike (if you could call it that) to reach the campsite.

Upon arriving at the registration area, we paid the fee, and the person in charge told us to go a particular path and signaled the direction we should take with her hand. So off we went.

Some of us did not have the proper gear to hike over sharp, jagged rocks. Plus we are traveling with doggos. So you can imagine the difficulty. We had to be very careful not to lose our balance.

We are talking about ancient limestones which experts say used to be underwater. These rocks are testament to this region’s ever-changing geology.

You must be asking, why all the trouble? We just want to drink coffee? We’ve learned afterward there was a more straightforward path going to the cafe. We wondered what the person who gave us the direction was thinking when she showed us the other way.

Good thing the cafe serves good cakes and drinks. We can at least say it was worth the climb.

Another exciting activity I was able to do here in Baguio is stargazing. It is one of those simple pleasures that are difficult for a city dweller like me to enjoy nowadays because there is not much place in the city not bathed in artificial light anymore.

Baguio is indeed a pretty place. I hope people can keep the city’s charm for generations to come. Typical of a significant town, pressure on its resources abound. You can already see signs of it in traffic jams and dense housing zones. I hope a plan is already in place to prepare the city for a sustainable future.

Thanks to the following:

Arca's Yard
Mt. Kalugong Kape-an/Cafe

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