Vintage Meets Novelty at The Picasso

Coming from a busy morning from an art fair, we decided to go to The Picasso afterwards and watch Wes Anderson films being shown that day. I didn’t really notice if anyone from our group asked where the filmshowing is being held from any of the staff at the lobby (since I was a bit preoccupied), but I was just going with the flow. Next thing I knew we were riding the elevator and ended up in a gallery – the Altro Mondo. I think we assumed it will be held at the gallery since we’ve learned of it from their booth at the art fair. Anyway, it was a pleasant suprise to learn that there is an exhibit ongoing by Melanie Gritzka del Villar. It’s entitled Hanging By A Thread. And here are some of her works.







The artist has developed a unique technique of transferring printed images onto gel mediums.






Do stop by and visit Hanging By A Thread – An Art Exhibition of the Works of Melanie Gritzka del Villar

Exhibition Run: 23 March to 24 April 2016, at the Altro Mondo at The Picasso

After the exhibit, we then proceeded to the hotel’s function room. Being shown at that time is Moonrise Kingdom, a coming-of-age film described as “eccentric, pubescent love story”. I was kind of hoping it was The Grand Budapest Hotel. But this one works just fine. I was more concerned about being able to get some rest and shelter from the heat, anyways. Looking back however, I realized we could’ve skipped some of the movies since we were the only ones watching at the time 😛


Somebody’s sitting pretty 😛



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