Taking my Samsung Galaxy A51 for a Test Ride

I don’t consider myself super knowledgeable with gadgets, but can I just say how uh-mazeeeng! my recently bought Samsung phone is? The Samsung Galaxy A51.

It was totally unintentional. All I wanted initially was a model that is NFC-enabled so I can use for my loading business. So like “whatever”, as long as it serves its purpose. But I guess you can say I got more than what I bargained for. Not that it’s a bargain. It’s not cheap. But it does have all the features I would want for a camera which I intend to buy separately. So now I’m actually thinking twice if I should.

I’ve been experimenting with different shots using my Samsung phone and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

I especially love the exposure feature as well as the time lapse in videos. I know it’s not necessarily the most up to date of breakthroughs in technology but it still elicited excitement especially to the geek in me.

Photos are crisp and vibrant.

I think my Samsung Galaxy A51 and I are gonna have a long-lasting relationship.

Check out some of its other features here and all of the other exciting products from Samsung.


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