Food Adventures: Macarons

It’s my first time eating macarons and the novelty of the experience deserves some space in my blog. I may not be going to Paris anytime soon, so I decide why not let Paris come to me instead. And what better way to do that than to have a taste of something iconically French such as the macaron. It is interesting to note however, that while the macaron has evolved to become something quintesentially French, people debate on its exact origins. Anyhow, we thank the French for putting it on the map.

The ones I ordered are from the regular “de Paris” line of macarons, as opposed to the Premium ones, from a relatively new bakery that sprang up in town, imported from Korea. There. I think by now it’s a dead giveaway, right? I’ve been hankering for something different from what I used to with this other bakery or bread shop I frequent. I guess it’s true what they say, your taste buds could also experience some kind of fatigue by eating the same stuff over and over.

The regular “de Paris” line are made up of strawberry, green tea, vanilla, chocolate and mango. Unfortunately, the mango was a bit dry, but the rest of the flavors are good. The merengue is soft and chewy and the filling ensconced in between is rich but not overpowering. It is just the right balance. One reference says the filling could either be a ganache, buttermilk or jam. Well, I am not a connoisseur, so I couldn’t really tell for sure what’s inside, but it was good.

IMG_20140316_063638_wmThe Premium line consists of Korean cherry, Korean maple, blueberry, green apple and grape flavors. These I will try next time. Someone even told me the bubble gum flavor is her favorite. I guess I have to scout other bakeries and bread shops for that.

So far, so good. Even though these macarons are but a fusion – Asian flavors incorporating French technique, it is something interesting to the palate, and probably some of the closest to its French cousins you could find in this country. More importantly, this food adventure has served its purpose in having a taste of Paris from the comfort of our local cafe/bakery. I’m definitely looking forward to more exciting gastronomic adventures.


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