Shibuya | The Pulse to an Amazing City’s Beat

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Leaving our Hearts in the Snow

Oh, boy. Need I say more? This place is electric.


Nowhere is this feeling more pronounced than at the center of it all – the Shibuya Crossing (also known as the Shibuya Scramble), arguably the world’s busiest intersection. People from all walks of life, coming from and going to different directions, converge and cross at once but still able to dodge each other, albeit in a cool manner 😉


Just like a human heartbeat, this place literally pulsates with life. I can only imagine how beautiful this place is at night.

It’s a shopping mecca and a popular haunt for everything from fashion to electronics, to souvenirs and gift items.


Shibuya is electric

Its streets and alleyways, filled with all sorts of houses of commerce – from imposing modern skyscrapers to shops, cafes, restaurants, ramen houses, etc., are made for instagram-pretty snapshots like these 🙂

I notice crows in this particular area near the Shibuya 109. They squawk quite loudly, too. See that one flying over the tree in the upper left?










And of course, the go-to place of every Filipino I know who wants to buy that “pasalubong”Don Quijote.


This discount store is godsend. Here you will find a wide selection of items you can bring back home – all the chocolates, all the different-flavoured kit-kat‘s, all the Nissin ramen seafood and cheese curry flavor, and yakisoba (in the pack) you can get; lotion and soap (for your sister), kewpie mayo and dressing, etc.

Our guide wonders in amazement why Filipinos hoard these stuff. Well, it’s cheaper, for one. And in the case of the Nissin noodles, the ones here do not scrimp on the ingredients like the meat and seafood that comes with the packaging.



So there, our short but well-worthy stay in Shibuya, in Tokyo. It is a nice ending to our Japan experience. Really, something that will forever be treasured 🙂 Thank you Japan for an awesome time!

The KitKat Project

Since I missed the opportunity going to the Land of the Rising Sun, I decided my friends should pitch in completing or at least contributing to my KitKat Project.

You see in Japan, they have so many kitkat flavours it blows the mind. “Kitto Katsu”, as how the Japanese call it, are the most popular confectionery treat in Japan. Literally translated as ‘surely win’, “kitto katsu” is an expression of good luck.

Some of the weird and wacky flavors of kitkat (from upper left, clockwise): dark chocolate, blueberry cheesecake, green tea, wasabi, strawberry, purple yam, rum & raisin, and regular

Although completing all the flavours is a work in progress, what I have collected so far seems like I had come full circle, especially after the last batch has arrived. Suffice it to say, although kitkats are the highlight of this whole project, it is interesting to note that not only kitkats but also all other brands of chocolates and sweet treats were flown in, which equally deserves much appreciation.

And just to show how much ‘sweet’, generous and thoughtful my friends have been, I am posting a photo of some of the treats they brought. And I say some because there’s actually more than what you see here that unfortunately could no longer fit the frame. I feel like I could actually open my own candy store with all these stuff.