Art In The Park 2016

It was a hot Sunday morning, the day we visited Art In The Park – a once in a year event that features affordable art held at the Salcedo Park in Makati. But it was a good day to take pictures – clear and full of sunshine. I would strongly suggest though, that one wear or bring some kind of protective covering, like a hat or umbrella, and sunscreen, especially if you intend to visit between morning to late afternoon.

This event is sort of like a one-stop shop of your favorite artworks and artists. One would surely enjoy the variety of art on display here.


My friend was able to buy her very first art piece by the artist Isagani Fuentes, called “Structures”.


I had to admit that due to the volume of artwork in this place, I find curating, or the tagging/labeling of the pieces correctly (like to which artist, what title, from which gallery, and what not) to be a little daunting. So, maybe you can just scroll away and enjoy the photos for now 😀





Meet MENTO 😛

















It seems like Instaroid prints are becoming an “in” thing in events these days. There is one available here as well, sponsored by a known telco, where you can stick two of the printed photos to the metal sculpture displayed near the entrance of the park. They printed two pairs, so the other two you can keep for yourself.

There are also food stalls in the venue in case you get hungry (which you will) during your visit.


We were supposed to be joined by another friend with his dog. Unfortunately, the park doesn’t allow this cute bundle of fur inside, so we just had to meet them at the entrance. Aaawww…

Guys, meet Stella 😀


After some time, we were feeling tired and exhausted and was thinking of freshening up somewhere indoors. Incidentally, we’ve learned from the Altro Mondo Gallery’s booth that there is a showing of Wes Anderson films happening at The Picasso Residences nearby. So off we went. Unbeknownst to us however, another surprise is waiting. But, I’m gonna have to leave you hanging on the details for now, as it is yet for the next blog entry 😀

SKY Alive! 2016 – Favorites Made Real

I received an invitation to attend the Sky Alive Cable fair which was held last March 12-13 at the SMX Convention Center, in celebration of Sky Cable’s 25 years in the business. The theme was “Your Favorites Made Real”, hence, Sky Alive.

And alive they did, with all of our favorite shows represented with their own booths, each having fun activities in store for everyone.

Upon entrance, one would immediately notice this huge LED screen at the center.

Inside are smaller tv screens all around and this colorful electronic pattern on the floor.

I navigated my way on a counter-clockwise direction, starting with the RTL-CBS booth just to the right of the entrance.


I was made to dress a suit and pose in front of the camera as if winning either the SAG or the Golden Globe. I chose the Globe. While waiting for the photo to be printed which takes about 5 minutes to process, one can while away the time watching shows in their big screen while having some popcorn and juice for free.


Some of the other booths present were:


One could have their photos taken riding the cab






Jack TV


Jeepney TV


History Channel (home of VIKINGS). You can have your photo taken in a mock Viking vessel.

The HERO booth has cosplayers representing some of the famous characters of the show. Can you identify any of them? I couldn’t 😛


A mock CNN newsroom, where one can try their hand at being a news anchor.

I liked Discovery Channel’s photo activity and game. You can have your photo taken in ‘outer space’ in the Discovery Science section and/or in the middle of a ‘forest’ riding a boat in the river in the Animal Planet section. You can also play the game of how well you know your Discovery Channel stars by choosing three items they have with them all the time in their survival adventures and challenges. I chose Bear Grylls. Apparently, I don’t know him that well since I only got one correct answer out of the three (sucks!). At least, I get to have some consolation prize 😛

So, after having your photo taken, you can upload them on Instagram and hashtag with either #DiscoveryScienceSkyAlive or #AnimalPlanetSkyAlive depending on the theme the photo was taken. Note that the IG profile should be set to public first. Once the photos were uploaded, wait for them to be printed from this interesting thingamajig called Instaroid. Two of my photos were printed straight from my Instagram account, just like polaroid. Amazing!




National Geographic

Live Curious

Local shows also represented such as this teleserye –  Ang Probinsyano.


MasterChef ASIA on Lifetime




There’s a performance from Juan Karlos Labajo in the MYX booth. He sang Ed Sheeran’s ‘Photograph’.

Also present are some of the MYX VJ’s such as VJ Tippy, VJ Alex and VJ Sarah. And, embarrassing as it may sound, I was all stalker mode with the celebrities, haha! I was clicking away like a paparazzi 😀

And of course, cosplayers of all shapes and sizes are present everywhere.

There are still other booths unfortunately I wasn’t able to take picture of. But I have slideshow of this cute character from ANIMAX – oo-Kun, for the kids and kids at heart. Enjoy! 😀

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